What Cocaine Does to Our Body

What Cocaine Does to Our Body

Coke. Crack. Snow. These are just some of the common terms that we coin the cocaine drug. If there is a celebrity drug that we know of today, we have to give it to cocaine. Most people prefer to use such drug because of its availability as well as the effects it gives their body. Cocaine gives us an unbelievable burst of energy and temporary relief from reality. Who would not want that?

Our teenagers today would really want the happiness and ecstasy that cocaine can do. It is not only a once in a lifetime experience but it can also be very addicting. As one of the centers for Addiction Treatment, National Recovery Rehab finds it important to educate the masses about the effects of cocaine. And trust us when we say, it is fatal.

1. It gives us that temporary “high”

If there is one thing a drug can do that nothing can ever compare, it’s the “high” feeling. We cannot explain how light-headed we feel once cocaine seeps into our body. It makes us laugh. It energizes us for a short time and we feel invincible.

But once we sober up, our mood changes drastically. We feel agitated, depressed, and edgy for no apparent reason. This shift of emotion and energy is not healthy for the body. We either crave for more cocaine or our body will suffer greatly. The abnormal frequent boost of energy may cause muscle spasms, convulsions, and abnormal heart rate.

2. It can affect our health after long-term use

When the drug seeps into our veins, our body gets used to it. The blood vessels would be contaminated with the chemicals from cocaine. From there, we can be susceptible to various diseases. Some of these are:

a. Cancer
We do not know the process and ingredients of all the drug we take in our body. Once it mixes with our blood, the composition changes. And with it, we can be a candidate for cancer. When our immune system does not know what it is fighting for, we may end up having them fight the good cells in our body.

b. Seizures
Another long-term effect of cocaine on our body is a seizure. Cocaine overworks our muscles. We may have episodes every now and then because of the abnormal muscle spasms and erratic heart rate. Seizures can still be mild in its first few episodes but it could worsen over time.

The effects of cocaine in our body are no laughing matter. Once we can see the worse effects of such drug, it may be too late for us to start over again. If you know someone who is addicted to cocaine, today, it is not yet too late. Let us help them at National Recovery Rehab, a Recovery Rehab in 1514 Robin St., Auburndale, FL.

For queries, you can check our website at www.nationalrecoveryrehab.com or call us at 855-808-6651.

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