Top Must-Know Facts About Heroin


You might have heard on the news about a lot of people who use and abuse illegal drugs, such as heroin. You might even know some individuals who personally do so. You, yourself, may actually be a user.

This Easter season signifies a new chance in life. If you wish to turn over a new leaf this season through recovery rehab, you can start by educating yourself about how illegal drugs, specifically heroin, can affect your life and the lives of those around you.

The origin of heroin

Heroin is an illegal drug that comes from the opium poppy. The opium poppy is actually a flower that grows widely in South America, Mexico, and in a large area of Asia.

When it comes to appearance, heroin is generally in the form of a powder, which can either be white or brown in color. Due to this appearance, many people refer to heroin as brown sugar. At times, it can also take the appearance of a sticky or hard black tar.

The methods of heroin abuse

There are generally three ways on how people abuse heroin and get it into their systems.

  • Snorting or sniffing – In this method, the user inhales a pure form of heroin. Heroin in its purest form is a fine powder. The user can also dissolve the powder into a small quantity of liquid before inhaling it.
  • Smoking – The user cuts off a small piece of foil. Afterward, he places the powder on top of the foil while lighting it up from underneath. The user then inhales the vapor coming from it.
  • Injecting – This method is the most dangerous way of getting heroin into the system. This is due to the high possibility of infection from unclean needles. The user injects the heroin directly into his vein, usually on the arm.

The experience of being high on heroin

Many users experience a surge of joy and happiness immediately after they take the drug. They feel like they are invincible and that all of their worries fade away.

They also feel like the whole world is in slow motion. How they process things in their minds as well as how they perceive their environment become slower than normal. Both heart rate and respiration rate slow down, too.

This effect may last for a couple of hours. Once the effect wears out, the user will feel sleepy. He may also experience nausea and vomiting.

The body develops a tolerance for heroin. As such, a user will need to increase the dosage of the drug just to be able to get the same high and experience like the first time. This is the reason why many people become addicted to heroin.

The withdrawal symptoms

If a user does not take in heroin for a long period of time, he may show withdrawal symptoms. Here are some of these signs:

  • unable to get enough sleep
  • stomach cramps or diarrhea
  • feelings of panic and anxiety
  • muscle pain

How heroin abuse negatively affects the user

The abuse of heroin, as well as other illegal drugs, can surely affect the user’s body in a negative way. These effects may include:

  • permanent scars on the skin due to needle injections
  • skin infections
  • tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other lung diseases
  • high risk of being infected with AIDS or Hepa B

It is not too late to change your ways. National Recovery Rehab understands how tough the battle to fight heroin addiction is. We offer the right drug rehab treatment program that is suitable for you or your loved one. Do not hesitate to call us at 855-808-6651 for more information.

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