Risks of Heroin Abuse

Risks of Heroin Abuse
The health risks of abusing heroin are serious. Whether you smoke, snort, or inject heroin, you should know that this dangerous drug could kill you.

A few moments after the heroin chemical enters the body, it instantly travels to the brain and alters how our mind works. It makes us think and react slowly. It even impairs our decision-making abilities. But these are not just the only ways that heroin could ruin our lives.

Among the many effects of heroin in our body, which should make us decide to get addiction treatment right away, are the following:

  1. How Heroin Damages the Lungs

    Heroin is twice stronger than morphine. It dulls the pains in our body and slows down our brain controls which enable our lungs to breath out bacteria and fluid.

    Since heroin affects how we feel pain, we would not instantly feel the injuries our body might possibly have. Unknown to many, because of this particular effect of heroin on our body, it could cause several other diseases or infections.

    We should also note that our lungs are responsible for expelling out from our system the bad elements we inhale in the environment. Without the proper functioning of our brain controls, our lungs would have a hard time doing their tasks.

    Heroin users who are going through Recovery Rehab are usually diagnosed with pneumonia, empyema, pulmonary edema or bronchiectasis.

  2. How Heroin Damages the Heart

    The bacteria in heroin from the cotton or needles used to inject the substance into the body result in tissue death. This specific type of infection is termed as endocarditis.

    Besides, heroin could also put damage to our cardiovascular system and cause several types of heart problems. Among the other diseases which taking heroin would cause are bradycardia and vasolidation.

    Bradycardia is used as the medical term for slowed heart rate. When a person suffers from this type of disease, physicians would recommend one to stop from doing extraneous activities because the heart will not be able to catch up with the beating changes.

    Meanwhile, vasolidation is characterized by the dilation of blood vessels. This can cause other underlying diseases like abnormal blood pressure.

  3. How Heroin Affects the Liver

    The worst effect that our liver would suffer from the use of heroin is getting hepatitis. Through infections we get from smoking, snorting or injecting heroin, our livers could begin to swell and get inflamed. Moreover, it is worthy to note that hepatitis due to infections can be easily passed through sharing unclean needles.

If you want to learn how to manage your heroin abuse, never hesitate to call National Recovery Rehab at 855-808-6651 or send us an email at nationalrecoveryrehab@gmail.com.

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