Food Addiction: If you Have It, Beat It!

Food Addiction: If you Have It, Beat It!

Food addiction is an uncontrollable desire to consume food. Unlike chemical substances, food doesn’t have addictive properties that make somebody depend on them. Food addiction has more to do with what a person thinks about food, the way he behaves around it and how habits are formed with it. People can turn to food as they cope with emotional issues, and doing this repeatedly can result in an addiction.

Signs of Food Addiction

Manifestations of a food addiction are different depending on the person. Usually, a person addicted to food will have symptoms of other conditions like depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Because of this, they may need a comprehensive addiction treatment. Below are the common signs of food addiction.

  1. Not being able to stop eating. Food addicts do not believe in moderation. They can start with just a slice of cake but end up eating the whole cake. Food addicts eat even if they feel full.

  2. Having a strong obsession with food. A food addict is busy thinking about the foods he likes to eat. It is likely that he starts his binges ahead of time and spends a great deal of time dreaming about what food to buy after work. Also, he may start tracking what other people are eating.

  3. Eating to feel happy. A person is addicted to food when he chases a feeling of being high. He tends to find comfort in food whenever he feels d own. Food makes him happy. He considers his food as his drug.

  4. Not being able to quit despite physical issues. Over time, over-eating can result in weight gain, fatigue, bad breath, poor dental health, acne and other health issues. After years of continued abuse to the body; obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some kind of cancer can develop. It is not surprising for food addicts to experience any of these physical issues. But despite all that, they still cannot stop the habit.

Beating Food Addiction

If you struggle with food addiction, it is important to take some steps to overcome your addiction. They include the following:

  1. Forget about weight loss. Don’t focus on weight loss in the first few months of trying to gain back control of your eating habits. Don’t go on a diet; instead, make a food plan for a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Have a sugar-free diet. Eliminating sugar from your diet should be done permanently. Beating addiction may have to restrict you from eating junk foods like you used to. However, after you quit eating the foods you crave, your cravings will eventually disappear.

  3. Seek professional help. Seeking help from a psychiatrist or physician is important for your addiction treatment and recovery. Also, National Recovery Rehab is available to help.

Full recovery from food addiction is possible. Call us at 855-808-6651.

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