Crack Cocaine: An Overview Of A Potent And Lethal Drug


Crack cocaine is a popular illegal drug among many users. Individuals can obtain this illegal drug cheaply. Additionally, it gives off a high effect in a quick manner.

How to identify crack cocaine

If you suspect that your loved one needs addiction treatment for crack cocaine, you first need to make sure that he, indeed, is using it. As for its appearance, it resembles chunks of white rock in irregular sizes. This is why many users refer to crack cocaine as a rock.

How to take crack cocaine

Users generally have two methods on how to take crack cocaine. They may smoke it or inject it directly to their bloodstreams through their veins. The latter offers a quicker effect than the former one. But, the experience that the users feel stay the same no matter what method they go with.

What the user experiences when taking crack cocaine

After getting crack cocaine into the system, the user feels euphoria. He feels so good about himself and thinks that he can do anything. He does not have a grasp of reality. He also feels more energetic and concentrates on certain things better. However, this effect usually last for only 5 up to 10 minutes.

There are visible signs that a user is currently experiencing the effect of crack. Some of these signs are:

  • dilated pupils
  • twitching of muscles
  • insomnia
  • nosebleeding
  • becoming aggressive

The after effects

Eventually, the effect of crack cocaine wears off. Once it does, the user experiences withdrawal symptoms. If the user is not able to get another shot of crack, or abruptly stops taking it, some of the withdrawal symptoms that he might experience are:

  • deep need to take another dosage of crack
  • paranoia
  • anxiety and depression
  • panic
  • erratic behavior

Long term effects on the user both physically and psychologically can also be expected. Some of these include:

  • malnutrition
  • permanent damage to the lungs, kidneys, and liver
  • infections, especially if the user injects crack to his system using needles
  • tooth decay
  • hallucinations
  • infertility
  • respiratory failure

Overall, the use of crack cocaine in large doses can ultimately lead to stroke and even death.

Negative behaviors as a result of abusing crack cocaine

The user may break the law and commit theft to be able to support his vice. Aside from that, he may become overly aggressive which can cause him to hurt other people and even himself, whether it is his intention or not.

Furthermore, he will forget his responsibilities to his family and at work. He may also engage in risky and unprotected sex while on a high.

No matter how long you have been enslaved by this vice, you can still let go. National Recovery Rehab can help you slowly remove yourself from this dangerous habit. Recovery rehab programs are available for anyone who wish to start all over again.

Nothing is too late. If you want to undergo drug rehab or convince your loved one about it, please call us at 855-808-6651. Let us discuss how we can team up for your and your loved one’s brighter future.

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