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Risks of Heroin Abuse

The health risks of abusing heroin are serious. Whether you smoke, snort, or inject heroin, you should know that this dangerous drug could kill you. A few moments after the heroin chemical enters the body, it instantly travels to the brain and alters how our mind works. It makes us think and react slowly. It … Continue reading

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How to Convince a Hesitant Loved One Get into Rehab

Seeing a loved one struggle with addiction is painful. But instead of dwelling on the pessimistic emotions, it is better to transform these feelings into motivation and determination to help your loved one recover. This, however, is easier said than done. Most individuals addicted to illegal drugs exhibit hesitant and resistant behavior when it comes … Continue reading

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Food Addiction: If you Have It, Beat It!

Food addiction is an uncontrollable desire to consume food. Unlike chemical substances, food doesn’t have addictive properties that make somebody depend on them. Food addiction has more to do with what a person thinks about food, the way he behaves around it and how habits are formed with it. People can turn to food as … Continue reading

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Treatments and Procedures Involved when Quitting Meth

Methamphetamine (meth) is a very addictive drug. It is a stimulant that increases a user’s energy and euphoric feeling. However, it comes with negative side effects that can be suffered for a long time or even permanently. When repeatedly used, meth will destroy the brain’s wiring, resulting in the user not experiencing pleasurable sensations. While … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Deal with Drug Addiction

It is sad to say that more and more people in our society are now battling against drug addiction. Studies say that there are different reasons why people would resort to it. More often than not, it is just a result of chronic depression or insecurities. Well, whatever the cause or reason is, we want … Continue reading

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Crack Cocaine: An Overview Of A Potent And Lethal Drug

Crack cocaine is a popular illegal drug among many users. Individuals can obtain this illegal drug cheaply. Additionally, it gives off a high effect in a quick manner. How to identify crack cocaine If you suspect that your loved one needs addiction treatment for crack cocaine, you first need to make sure that he, indeed, is … Continue reading

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