Dual Diagnosis Rehabs

Dual Diagnosis Rehab

girl having a problem “Dual diagnosis” is a term used when a patient suffers from both a substance addiction and a mental health issue (e.g. depression, panic disorder, PTSD, eating disorders, mood disorders, and etc.). At National Recovery Rehab, we firmly believe that both should be treated together, otherwise, a patient is more likely to relapse or not recover fully.

At National Recovery Rehab, we are well-connected to Dual Diagnosis Rehab facilities that are equipped and trained to deal with clients with a dual diagnosis. We can help our clients get into the right facility that is both convenient for them and best suits their needs.

With representatives that are available 24/7, you may call our hotline 855-808-6651 anytime! If you want, you can choose to simply send us an email at nationalrecoveryrehab@gmail.com.

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