A safe addiction: Do you know what it is?

A safe addiction: Do you know what it is?

People say that too much of everything is dangerous. When you drink more than three bottles of beer, you will get intoxicated, and the effect is even worse when you make drinking a habit. When you misuse and abuse drugs, even if they are supposed to cure a malady, you’ll get the opposite result. When you eat too much food, no matter how healthy they may seem, you will get constipated.

Nonetheless, there is one thing on earth which you can get addicted to without going to the danger zone or getting into a National Recovery Rehab. Can you guess what it is?

We’ll give you hints.

It makes you smile out of the blue.

Have you ever been into a situation when you just smiled unconsciously merely thinking of someone? If you have, you have been smitten. This type of feeling keeps you smiling all day long. Probably, you’ll experience sad moments with that someone, but once you make up and reminisce those quarrels, you’ll just laugh your heart out. Even without much happy moments, if it is true, it will make you smile no matter what.

It takes away the sane person from inside you.

A lot of things on earth can make us feel like a madman. But there’s this one good thing which can take out the best or worst of us.
You do crazy things which you’ve found unimaginable before. You dance on the street like a lunatic. You’ll sing your heart out for no reason. You’ll shout and never mind how people would think about you. These are just some of the many things you can possibly do when you get to be addicted with this one thing.

It makes possible the impossible.

For most of us, we have dreams which remain to be in the realm of our imagination. Nonetheless, once we get struck by this tremendous spark, we feel like we become Superman or Wonder Woman.

The blurry things you thought would never come true could come to life. For one, you might have thought before that you will not be capable of earning a degree in college. But because of the powerful motivation you get from this advantageous addiction, you made it possible.

Can you now tell what it is? Yes, you might have guessed it right, it is love.

When you begin to love and get addicted to love instead of cocaine, heroin or meth, good things come. You won’t need to get into a Rehab or get Addiction Treatment. So if there’s one thing you can be addicted to, National Recovery Rehab thinks you choose love instead.

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