3 Common Reasons Why People Turn to Drugs

3 Common Reasons Why People Turn to Drugs

Drug addiction continues to be one of the prevalent public health issues in the United States today. It continues to yield off huge unpleasant effects to the society as a whole. Illegal drug users create social problems such as vehicular accidents, domestic violence, loss of job, and many others which impedes the economic development of the country.

However, we cannot just directly pin-point and blame those people who are addicted to illicit drugs. We must open our minds that surely there is something more to it, that there is a root cause why they have diverted their paths to that route. Through finding out the reasons behind their usage, then we would understand why they have chosen that trail, and why they have decided to become that kind of person.

  1. Family problems. One of the primary reasons why people use drugs is because of their family problems. Due to their anxiety and trouble at home, the only way to get out of those is through the use of illicit drugs. Majority of them believes that using illegal drugs can make them forget all their worries and problems even just for a moment. So, they get out of their homes, hit the road, and use drugs to divert all their troubles.

  2. Peers. Aside from their family, their friends also affect them in many ways. Whatever their friends say and command they do. Most teenagers get easily persuaded to use illegal drugs because of their peers. Teens are forced to use drugs due to the fear of losing friends or getting left behind.

  3. Low self-esteem. Some people get their confidence when they use illicit drugs. They use drugs to make themselves feel better about themselves.

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